What is Alfesta?

Alfesta is the Club’s annual gathering. It is to be held at Easter time each year, unless otherwise decided by a unanimous vote of the National Council.

Some of you will be aware that Alfesta 2020 was to be held in Toowoomba Qld this year but was  cancelled due to COVID19.

Alfesta 2021 is to be held in South Australia and all things going well should be ok to run.

Alfesta 2022 is scheduled to be held by NSW

The history of Alfesta

Ernie and Joan Stock, Joan Lewis and Anne Beck compiled a history of Alfesta in the mid 1990’s which was given out as a booklet at Alfesta in 1996. The booklet advises that the gatherings from 1975 onwards are officially recognised Alfestas, but the 1971 to 1974 events were attended mainly by Victorian Division members with a few enthusiasts from the other States and were not considered National events.

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