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How to Supersprint - A getting started guide

Supersprinting is the entry point into motorsport. The aim of Supersprinting is to give people the opportunity to drive their road registered vehicle on a race circuit under conditions similar to a motor race.

Purpose of these notes

The purpose of these notes is to provide you with the information that you will need to get started in Supersprinting.

Applicability of these Notes

These notes are prepared for new competitors with post 1972 road registered vehicles.

If your vehicle:
  • is manufactured pre 1973;
  • is unregistered; or
  • is otherwise modified for competition,

These notes will not be adequate for your needs.

You should refer to the CAMS Manual of Motorsport for more details at


We welcome feedback on these notes, in particular on any suggestions you have after using them for how we could improve them for others who want to get started in Supersprinting. Please email your feedback to the Competition Secretary at
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