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Preparing for each event

Entry form

For each event there will be an Entry Form and what is known as the “Supplementary Regulations”.

The purpose of the entry form is (hopefully!) obvious. The Supplementary Regulations set out important information on how the event is going to be run, including for example how many cars will be on the track at any time and how many “flying laps” you will be given each time you enter the track.

You should carefully read the Supplementary Regulations for each event.

Usually both the Entry Form and Supplementary Regulations become available about three to four weeks before the event. They are circulated by the Competition Secretary to those who have joined AROCA’s membership email group. This is the quickest way to get the documents.

To join this email distribution list, contact the Competition Secretary at

Alternatively, each set of Entry Form and Supplementary Regulations are posted on the website on the Motor Sport page.

Before the day

Before the day of each Supersprint event you should:
  1. Check your personal gear (use the Supersprint Checklist);
  2. Check your vehicle (again, use the Supersprint Checklist), including the usual mechanical requirements – fuel, oil, coolant, brake fluid, tyre wear and pressures; and
  3. Clean your car, especially windscreen, windows, mirrors and lights.

On the day

On the day of each Supersprint event you should arrive at the circuit at least one hour before the time for Drivers’ Briefing (the time will be set out in the Supplementary
Regulations). This is for two reasons. First, garages are occupied very quickly. (Note that at Supersprints, garages/carports are pre-allocated in Club groups – check where the AROCA garages/carports are.)

Second, you have a few things to do before the Drivers’ Briefing, namely:

Unload everything from your car including spare wheel, wheel jack, boot mats, tool kit and any other loose item in the cabin, leaving only your AROCA membership card, your CAMS licence, the fire extinguisher, your helmet and your gloves (if using them) in the car;
  1. Take your membership card and licence to the “office” and get your paperwork checked before your car arrives at scrutineering. If all your paperwork is in order, at the office you will be given a scrutineering sheet. Take it to your car and place under the windscreen wiper;
  2. Fix your competition numbers to the front door on both sides of the car;
  3. Check the wheel nuts on your car, particularly if you have driven to the track on road tyres and then changed the wheels over to use R series tyres at the event;
  4. Check your clothing and footwear. Either change into it or put it in your car for scrutineering;
  5. Take the car (and yourself) to the scrutineering bay in “ready- to- race” condition and put it in the queue for scrutineering;
  6. While in the scrutineering queue, unlatch the bonnet and open the boot of your car in preparation for scrutineering;
  7. When it is your turn in the scrutineering bay, drive into the bay and, once the brake lights have been checked, get out of the car and stand clear of it. Do exactly as the scrutineers instruct and let them do their work and only offer information if asked;
  8. Once your car has been scrutineered (and presumably passed), drive back to your garage and replace the fire extinguisher in its bracket – the scrutineers will remove it from its bracket for checking and is intentionally left on the seat for you to replace; and
  9. Complete any last minute checks. This might include, for example, adjusting your harness if you are using one and checking that bonnet, boot and doors are all properly properly.
  10. Check your tyre pressures!
At that point you are then ready to attend the Drivers’ Briefing when it is called. Attendance at the Drivers’ Briefing is compulsory at every Supersprint event (and, for that matter, usually at every race meeting as well). At the Drivers’ Briefing you must sign the drivers’ “sign on” sheet – find the one for AROCA drivers and sign it.

At some Supersprint events (but not all), immediately after the Drivers’ Briefing the organisers may schedule what is called “familiarisation laps”.

These are for drivers who have not driven at the relevant circuit before. If it is your first drive at the circuit and the organisers have scheduled familiarisation laps, then immediately after the Drivers’ Briefing drive your car to the dummy grid and await instructions.

Take an experienced AROCA driver with you in the car – they will help you to learn the driving lines. After the familiarisation laps, return to your garage. From then, you should queue up for your runs when your Group is called. (At Supersprints, Competitors are grouped into Groups depending on lap times rather than in ‘Clubs’.)

Go out and have fun!!!
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