Conditional Registration

New South Wales Conditional Registration for Historic Vehicles is available to financial members of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club (NSW)

Conditional Registration is intended for qualified vehicles 30 years and older, that are not used as daily transport.

The NSW RMS now offers two types of Conditional Registration,

  1. Historic – for standard unmodified vehicles
  2. Classic – for modified vehicles

Eligibility Rules, Usage and Cost are the same for both


The owner must be and remain a financial member of AROCA (NSW) whilst in the scheme and obtain the stamped RMS Declaration Form (1259) from the Club and have a current Pink Slip annually.

For Classic it is the same except the Declaration Form is different (1835) and requires a Blue Slip and possible Engineer’s Certificate for the initial application – then a Pink Slip annually if no further modifications have been undertaken.

Vehicle usage

60 days per year plus all events including invitations from other Clubs that are listed on the AROCA calendar. The 60-day Trial ended in October 2019 and is now permanent.

A Log Book is supplied by the RMS and each day of usage must be entered. AROCA calendar events do not have to be logged but all other trips including maintenance and service must be logged.


$54.00 per year, which includes the Green Slip Third Party Insurance. There is an additional one-off fee $45.00 for the plates. Historic Vehicles is issued with a “Historic” plate. Classic is issued with a “D” plate.

The RMS post yearly renewals, but you must get the Club Stamped Declaration Form before you renew.

If you have a car that qualifies, and you are interested to learn more please read the RULES FOR CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION-HISTORIC VEHICLES on the RMS website and then if you would like to proceed you can contact Historic Vehicle Registrar Tony Wise on 0417 211 848.

Tony will supply the Club's Stamped Declaration Form plus the RMS Application Form.

Then you can make your application at any Services NSW Centre and enjoy the benefits that this scheme offers.

Links to the RMS website for more information about the schemes 

Historic Vehicles

Classis Vehicles

Revised May 2020 

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