Photo gallery: 2021 March Bathurst

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2021 Feb Presidents Run
A wonderful coast to the highlands route
Modified Fri, 12th March 2021

2021 March West Head
Twilight Run & Dinner
Modified Fri, 12th March 2021

Images of our Motorsport events
Modified Mon, 8th March 2021

2020 Nov Robertson Pie Shop
A drive over some very scenic and good roads to the Robertson Pie Shop. All cars and drivers survived one of Sydney's hottest spring days
Modified Sat, 13th February 2021

2020 Nov Big Day Out
The drive Heading north via Peats Ridge Rd to Broke via historic Woolombi. Then crossed over to the Putty Road via Milbrodale and headed south to Grey Gum Cafe. Onto Colo Riverside Cafe to end the run. Total run distance is 245km. Images by Jonathan Coleman and Drew Lourey
Modified Fri, 13th November 2020

2020 Aug to Wollombi
Moderns Register Day Run to Wollombi. Brunch at Panino Caffe Restaurant - Images by Jim Roseby and Drew Lourey
Modified Sun, 6th September 2020

AROCA & VRA Drive Day 3rd July 2020
COVID-19 restricted driver training day held at Wakefield Park on 3rd July 2020. Images by - Bruno Ferro
Modified Tue, 1st September 2020

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