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Photo gallery: 2023 April Grey Gums Cafe run

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2023 National Motoring Heritage Day - Berry
A few snippets from the 2023 running of this event. Images by Peter George.
Modified Mon, 22 May 2023

Auto Italia 2023
The annual gathering of fine Italian motoring masterpieces in the Queanbeyan Park. Images by Peter George.
Modified Mon, 3 April 2023

2023 March Club Night - Twilight West Head Drive
A twilight run through Akuna Bay and West Head culminating in a meal at Terrey Hills tavern. Images by Jim Roseby.
Modified Mon, 3 April 2023

The AROCA NSW events
Modified Sun, 2 April 2023

2023 March Dungog Run
Il Grande Tour - Stella The club run from Cowan to Dungog via Wollombi. Images by Nathan.
Modified Thu, 23 March 2023

2023 Driver Training - Pheasant Wood
A short photo portfolio from the 2023 AROCA NSW driver training day held at Pheasant Wood in February, Images by Bruno Ferro.
Modified Wed, 1 March 2023

2023 February President's Run
The Annual outing from Heathcote to Kangaroo Valley.
Modified Tue, 28 February 2023

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