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The aim of Supersprinting

Supersprinting enables participation in motor sport at the lowest cost level. The cost involved is minimised by focusing the rules of Supersprinting around road registered vehicles (not race cars) and requiring only the minimal adjustments needed to road registered vehicles for safety reasons.

What is Supersprinting?

In a Supersprint, each competitor’s aim is to set the fastest lap time compared to other cars in the same class as the competitor’s vehicle. In short, each competitor is “racing against the clock” rather than racing against the other cars on the track.

The competitors are grouped by lap times. Cars enter the circuit in pairs, well separated from the previous pair. The number of pairs out on the circuit at any one time varies depending on the length of the circuit. Racing per se is prohibited.

The conduct of a Supersprint

The behaviour of the drivers on the circuit for all matters of safety, including overtaking, is explained at every event by the Clerk of Course at the Drivers’ Briefing that takes place before commencement of the event.

Attendance at the Drivers’ Briefing is compulsory for every competitor.
Flag Marshalls are used to alert drivers of unsafe situations and enable communications between the Race Control/Clerk of Course and drivers on the circuit.

The Inter- Club Supersprint Series

AROCA participates in what is known as the Inter- Club Supersprint Series.

This is a series of (usually) eight Supersprint events each year jointly organised by AROCA and the NSW Road Racing, WRX and Southern Sporting car clubs.

Each AROCA member who participates in a Supersprint does so in accordance with the AROCA Supersprint rules which are available on the AROCA Club website

These rules set out, for example, the criteria to enable you to determine the category of your vehicle.

Where are Supersprints held?

Currently Supersprint events are held at the Sydney Motorsport Park and Wakefield Park circuits.

How to get started

Any financial member of AROCA may participate in a Supersprint.

If you are interested in participating, see our “How To Get Started” information section on this page – Alternatively, you can download and print out the guides at the bottom of this page.

Want more information?

If you want any more details on Supersprinting or at any time you have questions relating to Supersprinting, please contact the Competition Secretary, Alfio Musumeci, at
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